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Ancestral Journey 5 - Lunar Beltane Full Moon in Scorpio Saturday May 5, 2012


 ingrid's journey

 here i am. at the memorial to the murdered jews in berlin.  walking the grid. can i feel my ancestral roots?  my jewishness tugged by leylines under my feet? this city's battering history. jews who lived in tall houses in apartments like the one we're staying in prenzlauer berg. east berlin. taken away. the facades there are sandy or painted cream and lemon yellow. here it's all grey. ash grey.                                                                                     


Barbara's Journey


Video still of Barbara's Journey


   At 6:15am this morning I set out to journey in my back yard in Carbondale Illinois. Since an inland
   hurricane blew through our small town 3 years ago...

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Medwyn's Journey

At 10 pm pacific time on the night of the Beltane moon I walked into the darkening evening at my home in Courtenay on Vancouver Island seeking ....

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Nané's Journey 

Resting, rest, resting. Om Tara, Tutare, Ture, Soha….(evoking Tara, Tibetan Mother goddess of compassion and swift aide).

Trance - I am standing in the green space close to Ward’s Island, off the bike path on the way to Gibraltar Point. It is one of those blessed warm, sunny summer days when the grass is green and the birds are everywhere singing among the trees. A soft breeze blows off of Lake Ontario. We are standing in this grass together, all the women of Gestare. We hold hands and we make a circle, around and around we go, a dance begins. As we dance, laughing, a tree sprouts from the centre of our dance. We watch in joy as it grows up and up and up among us.

We dance the tree. We dance the tree. We dance the tree of life.


Shamanic symptoms or a creative psychic illness—what is being asked of me at this time? What is the work and the way for me?

I deeply ground from the authentic core of my own vital, life energy.

I let goddess be my mother….OPEN-ing all the possibilities once again.

This illness dismantle me. I quickly shed false layers. Re-membering WHO I am, and called for. I can only walk into and along my own path—back to women and making circles of life, circles of lives.

Back to ritual, back to birth, and care-ing for/with self/other, which gives the gift. Writing will evolve alongside this – Research is life / spirit (as is art)

Leadership in education – Circles within circles. Relax into this Nané (relax into your path).



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