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'MA poses' are a shared practice by members of the Gestare Art Collective and friends inspired by the work of Annine van der Meer published in her book 'The Language of Ma the Primal Mother: The evolution of the female image in 40,000 years of global Venus Art. Annine writes;

'All poses are rooted in the earth. A grounding, for those engaging the practice is significant-- feeling the feet on the ground, breathing from deep in the first chakra and downward. Accessing earth energy is elementary to making connection and receiving clear insight into the unseen worlds of the soul.'

'Around 40,000 BC the early modern humans spread throughout Europe and gave us the first proof of artistic ability and appreciation……..(Early interpretations framed) the patriarchal Venus as the goddess of erotic love…..she is wrongfully sexualized and this one-sided image is projected back onto women of great dynamism and power from prehistory.........

Archaeologists used to fragment and isolate feminine art and thus missed the greater intercultural connections. There are diverse opinions on the function, which in definition and conception have created confusion in relation to Venus Art. Moreover there is considerable bias as words like ‘idols’ and ‘false gods’ are used.

…….on the basis of new archaeological, anthropological and genetic research, the traditional image of prehistory without women is dismissed. The time is ripe for a new, less one-sided approach in which the contribution of women to evolution is reclaimed.'

excerpts from website summary
pansophia press
Pansophia Annine van der Meer

published in Canada by Demeter Press

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Harmonizing their practice with the full moon cycles, Gestare members and friends performatively inquire at a distance from each other during the three days of the full moon, and engaging with thirteen 'Venus' figurine poses. These poses are found world wide, having been collected overallfrom several academic studies based on hundreds of separate archaeological studies in the Middle East,Old Europe and worldwide as illustrated in 'The Language of MA - The primal mother' by Annine van der Meer

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