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MA Pose-12

Double Goddess

Feminine duality symbolizes mother-daughter relation and indicates the summer-winter rhythm. One face is looking to the outward word, one face is looking in the  cave-like inside word.

Barbara Double Goddess Pose, 7 minutes, July 18, 2016

I sit with my young friend Alexis in my living room in front of the window altar with a candle lit. We ground ourselves as we sit side by side in a cross-legged sitting pose. Hands clasped with each others' and our outside hands placed palm down at our sides on the ground. I take deep breaths aware of the moon rising behind us. The moon becomes the third Goddess. The moon has our backs: encircling us, holding us. I can feel support in the white brightness of this embrace. My face becomes flushed and I realize our faces have become two moons shining into the world. Then heat appears in our joined hands and I feel a channel of hot energy traveling from our joined hands to my face. This is followed by a fluid light washing over our bodies, cleansing us. As I cool down, the fluid evaporates. I feel the groundedness of the pose, with my buttock and hands firmly on the ground while bathed in light. Pain surfaces in my face and dissolves as my entire body is washed. The light energy of the moon touches me. Time is elongated. I feel entwined but separate from Alexis. Connected through the strong pulse I feel in our hands as one.

Triple Goddess Pose, 14 minutes, July 19, 2016

Standing on the far right of Megan and Alexis with my left arm bent, resting alongside Alexis' right arm. My left arm hangs down towards the earth. We ground as a unit. As my right hand curves in towards the three of us we become one large ball of light: a globe floating in the cosmos with stars surrounding us. We move through space with no purpose, no direction, moving as a whole. After seven minutes we sit down in unison into a sitting pose with our hands joined. My right hand rooted with the earth. I am aware of our breath moving in and out, up and down. I envision an electrical line formed by our breath and body formation. We become a range of mountains. Rooted, solid and strong covering the earth. Patchamama multiplying.

While sharing our pose experiences afterwards the music of Carol Weaver came to my mind and I played the Song of Apunkuna CD which is an invocation to the mountains of the world. This piece of music describes much of the mountain wisdom experience of this pose journey

Breath becomes heart beat line

Barbara Double Goddess Pose, 21 minutes, July, 20, 2016

            You are not alone

                  You are not alone

                      You are not alone

Sitting in front of the candlelit altar with Alexis in the cross-legged pose holding hands. Quiet and still. Deep breaths. I feel myself dropping continually. Tension falling from me. There is no hurry in this pose. At one point a heat flash washes over my entire body. Three times I feel my head spin in a circle to the left. I know it is not actually happening but I feel it internally. A third eye appears on both my and Alexis' forehead.

Stepping into a white space with Alexis. We are in a white space of nothingness for a long while before I realize we have stepped onto the moon and are floating around the earth. Moving over Egypt, Turkey, France, England, Germany and America. Traveling over the world shining light onto all earth dwellers suffering and in pain.

I draw our journey. I write in cursive "you are not alone" around the earth. I am very aware of the endless flow of cursive writing. When we lose our cursive writing, which is currently happening for future generations with the use of computers, we lose the flowing interconnectedness of our language. I am grateful for being joined by these two young and beautiful women spirit friends during these Ma Poses. I am not alone.

ingred double goddess pose, 21 minutes, July 19, 2016

surprised to find how potent this one was for me. hadn't been doing recent full moon poses while travelling but this one already transposed itself in my mind. I put on a dress whose cut is very womanly & reminds me of 2nd hand one i found in Italy shortly after my son was born. typical black dress with discrete pattern or flowers worn by many women in village communities in Mediterranean countries after they've married & have lost family members—remaining in black most of their lives. I held the pose in front of a mirror without my glasses on. without their prisms I see double. I held the pose with the reflection of 2 identical women whose one hand seemed to be holding the other's. remarkably easy to hold and what came to me so strongly was you aren't alone! as a twin this has been a two-edged sword: often feeling alone when an 'other' isn't there. being faced with the double reflection of self it felt accurate 'being doubled'. it was comforting & comfortable

the following morning as I was watering my coffee bean plant I was struck how the leaves grow in conjoined pairs & look like 2 hands in prayer. here a pair is about to pull apart to follow their distinct cycle.

Medwyn double goddess pose - the nights of July 18, 19 and 20

Exhausted and depleted from two weeks of turmoil in my life I lay in bed watching the full moon as she passed from east to west across my bedroom window bathing me in her bright light. Waking three or four times each full moon night, I received the Double Goddess blessing directly into my grateful and welcoming body, allowing the moon herself to be my double, glowing in fullness, offering wit(h)ness to me in this time. I experienced the moonlight transmitting a reminder to me that all of life cycles. What is now will soon be then, what is today will soon be yesterday, what tomorrow will bring is as yet unknown. All that is here now is the blessing of the night light offering soothing, peace, rest and renewal for another day.

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