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Medwyn's Co-Respondents
14 05 13

A parcel arrives, fat and padded, large enough to deserve a delivery notice from the mail carrier and a key to the parcel box. I open the envelope and unfold the layers of protective bubble wrap to reveal rocks, seaweed, sand, threads, paper, paint, collage and a message of strength and love from Ingred. The colours are wonderful, pinks and blues and purples, vibrant they sing to me of the evening light at Rathtrevor one of my favorite Vancouver Island beaches.

A card is next, sparkling, mauves and reds, interwoven images of the goddess and the earth's own beauty. Words of love for a year of dreams from Nané. Images call me back to my journey with the ancient goddesses of neolithic times, the temples of Malta, Ggantija, Tarxien, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Amidst it all an ancient black willow tree (Salix Fragilis) from Ward's Island, beloved childhood haunt of Nané and a place where I will soon be travelling for my one month residency/retreat.

Another package, this time small enough to fit into my mailbox and inside a soft needle felted Woman of Power wristband, again come the purples and lilacs, wrapped around my wrist sending me power from Barbara to move my creative self far into the world.

Winging the miles from Vancouver to Toronto Islands an envelope arrives, bringing the wisdom of love and the all-seeing eye of powerful spiritual  warriors. Inside the envelope eye meets eye as I unfold the layers of artworking to reveal the question 'is this creation?'.

At home again I gather all the pieces and take them to my aged Lavender bush whose scent embraces me and my treasured birthday co-respondents as I place each piece in her arms and begin to capture the essence of the whole with my camera. In their presence, following their words each piece speaking to the other, a poem creates itself weaving all into one.

Wit(h)ness interweavings
To be at home in our own lives
Woman of Power
The I recedes and eye sees
to be like the earth
to be at home in our own lives

               in this place the one lives
               and transcribes how to map it

                            powerful spiritual warrior woman
                            using the wisdom of love

                                          radiant, calm, unswayed balance of mind

is it creation she asked?
this universe is much too big to hold
the i recedes and eye sees

wit[h]ness interweavings

                             wise woman ways
                             loving tending of the earth

                                                                                                                             rhythm of the drum
                                                                                        firm tread
carrying creative self far into the world

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