Gestare Art Collective

Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts - July 2009

 Performance Ritual

                                                                     Tracing Absence Sounding Presence

This performance ritual is fed by 4 weeks of co-creative process, which included sounding, trance and movement workings. Our performance ritual begins with the meeting of the ancestors in the center fire. Within the fire sits a nest holding an egg, symbolizing their gestating presence.

At the cracking of the egg, their wisdom begins to emerge through our voices as it pools at our feet, and we are guided to create vortices of sound for healing the earth. We transfer the sonic wisdom into our rakes, followed by a tracing of the patterns of absence in the form of a spiral labyrinth onto the sand. These tracings draw into presence the ancestral wisdom of the land. We return to the centre and sound the voices of the labyrinth spirals. Our final reverence and gift to Gaia is delivered directly into her as our sacred tracing tools come to rest.

Performance Ritual performers: Wende Bartley, Barbara Bickel, MedwynMcConachy

Editing & Production: Barbara Bickel

Camera: Megan English, Johannese Zits, Barbara Bickel



On July 2, 2009 at the culmination of our first co-residency we invited friends and guests from the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts to our performance ritual and studio installation 'Tracing Absence Sounding Presence' held at the Centre on Toronto Islands.

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