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Dark Moon MA 'dea gravida'

Standing with a hand on her belly to signify the life giving of the female body and the other hand pointing to the vulva the dea gravida covered in red ochre is from the Neolithic period 6400 - 5000 and comes from Ain Ghazal, Jordan.

Rooted in the earth each of these poses offer an opportunity for members of Gestare and collaborators in the practice to reconnect to life giving energies at each dark phase of the moons. As October moves into November the suggestion of the emergent life within in the womb of this venus image, holds us in an awareness of our regenerative time during these winter months.


 Nane - Oct 30, 2016 - Samhain Spiral Dance

I attend the spiral dance ritual with my oldest daughter and her friend. We sit at the edge of the centre of the circle of attendees, which is large this year. So many young people -  i ponder there being a renewal afoot for magical earth-based ways of life and ceremony, the hunger for this apparent in the creative group of young adults here tonight.

This eve - i am aware more then other years of the power of the elder witches. Ican feel their grounded power on the earth when they step into the centre of the ritual to lead and tell stories, how they carry their hard-won wisdom over time, transmitting this to younger generations here tonight.

The ritual moves on in its familiar ways, taking us through the release and remembrance of our dearly departed, and into the trance to meet the ancestors and others - what i recall as I write this on Jan 2, 2017 - is that I took this MA pose into the spiral dance walk, first holding my womb/belly in meditation, and then holding the hands of those next to me as we walked the spiral dance. So that the power of MA womb-wisdom enlightened my walk, reminding my steps of connection with others in this dance, and others on the earth, all of whom once gestated and lived in mothers' wombs, form the womb of MA to life and back again in death to womb of MA, as we celebrate and remembers cycles of life, death and birth again.

Barbara - Oct. 30, 2016 Dark Moon 'dea gravida' MA Pose & Walk

I take in the warmth and scents of the autumn morning as I walk to the labyrinth. When I arrive the labyrinth is partially covered by fallen leaves. I hear the leaves in the surrounding trees being rustled by the wind as I stand in the small brick circle just outside of the labyrinths' center. I move into the standing 'dea gravida' pose with my feet together and hands cupped holding my belly. I breathe consciously and words emerge:





Sounds emerge from my throat-- gentle soothing sounds like a repetitive mantra. When my sounds end I crouch down and touch the earth. Then I speak the words Falling
I notice how steady I feel, get up and step into the labyrinth path. I have to concentrate to follow the at times invisible pathway. I find myself caught in the inner circles of the path repeating my steps before finding myself in the center of the labyrinth. My inability to see the path has taken me quickly to the center. I tell myself this is okay. I stand in stillness and listen to the baseline sounds of the environment; the cicadas, birds,the wind, and watch a large leaf fall from the nearby tulip tree. I begin my return walk and wonder if I will be able to find the path out. I relish listening to the crunch of leaves beneath my feet as I walk a steady pace. Somehow I manage to follow the path in its completeness. I am surprised that leaving the labyrinth is easier than entering it. When I think about the year just passed and my struggles in it, I like that it is an easier walk out as it suggests an ability to make my way into the new cycle of the year with less struggle.

Click on the image below to hear a 6 minute arrangement of the sounds and words that emerged during my- 'dea gravida' MA pose.

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