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Dark Moon MA Double Goddess

Feminine duality symbolizes mother-daughter relation and indicates the summer-winter rhythm. One face is looking to the outward world, one face is looking in the cave-like inside world.

This MA walking practice occurs on the night of the new moon in Leo significant due to its occurrence at the opening of the portal to the full moon lunar eclipse of Monday, August 7, 2017. An auspicious time for looking inward to our own deep knowing and wise counsel as we observe the outward world of chaos and conflict.

Group Pose August 13, 2017

Medwyn's pose with Barbara: Standing with the sun warming our bodies, the soft green of the garden around us, I initially found it hard to discern my inner world where things seemed jumbled.As I gradually settled into the pose I took the time to notice Barbara's body next to mine, her arm around my waist the soft warmth of our presence together. The Goddess she who is always alongside, I am not alone in this, she has my back, she is looking out for me. So the clarity of this began relaxing me more deeply and with my breath I became aware now of the need to work with my threads of attachment, releasing, detaching those that have taken space in me and do not belong to me, honouring and embracing those that nourish and serve me. This is my healing work now, to become wholly myself, to meet others from a clear place with boundaries intact, responsibility for myself first coming fully into my own independent being. A process has begun, inner and outer, and She whose name shall not be spoken the Goddess is with me alongside me knowing me in this.

Nane's pose with Cindy Lou: Sister, sister, sister listen to my heart's song, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. Dropping into earth - looking at sky - experience, experience, experience - water drops on paper - need, need, long for earth and experience - what I am made to be - I appreciate what I am made to be - standing with my sister / mother / daughter our energies meld - shivers at my hip and leg as leg(s) become one - legs become one leg - into earth - silent humm, hmmmmmmmmmm & mumble of the earth - quiet sounds are earth and release to earth - grounding together, so much to let go of - need time + time to release + breath to feel well again - sky-gazing, the clouds revel a woman in the sky - sky gazing I see the dakini dancing in her cloud - when we let go of each other's arms I am alone and I don't want to be - tribal knowledge is group-mind done in love so that we are not alone, just like the ancient yoginis knew - they practiced standing together.

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