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Cindy Lou Co-respondents
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You speak to me

without sound

I walk in a silent verse

in a shock of beauty.

This blue fabric

an amorphous slit



to deliver the eternal.

ever! xoxox Cindy Lou

   three figures softly clothed their bodies wrapped in silken threads

           dance for you on your birthday

                    the dance of wonder and delight

dancing my love step by step to your door

in sisterhood may we embrace the joy of co-creation

from medwyn


traboules (transambulare "to cross") 

type of passageway 

typical in old french cities

this one lyonnaise 

trod by silk manufacturers 

among others 

to transport goods

so you too cindy lou 

through your camera transport 

 another sort of good 

human passageways 

mirrored in 

railings walls 

interior/exterior spaces  

from dark to light  


to shining

happy birthday clg 


love ing


From NanĂ© 

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