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Artscape Gibraltar Point - June/July 2010

 Performance Rituals

During our 2010 summer residency at Artscape, Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island our labyrinth workings included an Ocean Day Labyrinth Making and Walking as a healing action for the Gulf of Mexico, an invocation of gaia's womb wisdom for the G20 summit, video entitled M/Other Ways, and a cosmic birthing ritual and menstrual blood offering.


Art Installations

During summer residencies at Artscape Centre for the Arts, Toronto Island, Ontario, Canada, Gestare members have gathered for periods from one to five weeks, to collaborate, co-create and gestate their art together. A studio installation at Artscape honoured and celebrated individual and collective artworkings, thus completing the circle for the 2010 Gestare residency.


Co-events with Artscape Artists

Excerpt from the poem Island Shards by Eva Tihanyi
written while she was at the residency with us. Taken
from her book In the Key of Red. To see more of her
art go to Eva

From the next room,
the harp’s healing reaches me.
I’m glad I’ve left my door open.

The resident cat saunters
toward the window, his fur
the colour of candied ginger.
The uncut grass parts
as he purrs forward.

This afternoon
I am well in the world.

We are a Venus pentacle,
a constellation of women connected
by art, gathered in friendship,
shining through the darkness.

The astrologer among us
promises enlightenment.

Warm beach, night energy,
our circle of five.
Near us in the sand, the moonlit labyrinth,
the soft rush of water.

Two ducks approach, unafraid.
Our conversation pauses.
The ducks continue closer, sense
that our fire burns with good intention.


The evening studio gathering and astrology readings for the venus pentacle. The camera captured this energy in the room that night.

Beach Fire at Gibraltar


While at the residency we had the opportunity to do a labyrinth walk and sounding with Celtic Harpist Patricia Sereno on the beach. We were fortunate to have photographer Judith Lermer Crawley document the event. Click onto Judith's website to see the full collection of photos.

Sisters Playing was an evening event that took place in Barbara's studio at Artscape. A collaboration between harpist Patricia Sereno and visual artist Barbara Bickel. See the video clip below. To hear more of Patricia's music click on


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