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Ancestral Journey 8 - Fall Equinox Sun in Libra Saturday September 22, 2012

 Barbara's Journey


Video still from Barbara's Journey
Stay tuned for full video

I began with the simple intention of taking a walking journey into a nature preserve called Green Earth Supertrail in Carbondale Illinois, USA. At the entrance was a sign asking me to check my shoes to prevent the spread of invasive species. I too am an invasive species, a foreigner to this land. Upon entering the woods I disturbed a deer family and watched a deer followed by a buck bounding off into bushes. I spent my time journeying with the camera--filming the environment with a heightened sense of colour, light and sound. Sometimes I found myself standing still with the camera, other times walking with the camera. Sometimes entering a sound conversation with the birds, other times silent. I left the sanctuary with a sense of attentive fullness in the moment. Grateful for the sequestered time with the local and transplanted ancestors of this land. June 23, 2012

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