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Ancestral Journey 3 - Lunar Imbolc New Moon in Aquarius Sunday January 22, 2012

Medwyn's Journey

As I set my altar for this journey, the first art I made as a co-researcher on Barbara's dissertation research team became the central piece. This multimedia piece created on a square board was made from an early 1800's map of the West Coast of the British Isles, thick hemp string, and found shells from the beaches of Southern England where I grew up. I placed a doll from our January 7 Gestare retreat day on the altar to accompany me on my journey. Dropping into the art I began a journey of inquiry into my ancestral origins. Sounds and images came forth from those ancestors of blood and name who were merchant sailors, traders of fine glassware in the 1800's. Ancestors about whom I know nothing but this one story. Ancestors of whom we never spoke.


Who were they_.mp3

Barbara's Journey

Video still from Barbara's journey

9 minute experimental video
camera, editing, production
sound & sound editing
by Barbara Bickel 

Barbara Bickel interviewed by R. Michael Fisher at home following the ancestral journey

M: So as I saw you with your load today and was riding beside you out to the Cemetary site, I noticed you were like an outdoor hiker, with back pack (video pack around your waist) and with tripod stuck into the pack's strap, and you were well dressed for the cold-- off to? And I thought to myself she is going to her art/spiritual practice for the day. How do you respond to that?

B: Yeah, it is definitely a commitment. To do something I made an agreement to do with other women artists who I practice with. Doing it at the same time frame, even if they are in another country, in another time zone. I prepared a few days before, deciding where I was going to go, getting my equipment ready. Very loosely thinking about what I'll do when I get there. I envisioned it because I know that landscape. I would sit on the tree stump and put my great grandmother’s crocheted fabric on it to sit on. It's all setting the stage. The altar.

To read full interview see pdf


Ingrid's Journey

first only video tree but then include preparation: literal dive into water (at home in bath)

journey to mother maple on wall st at bottom of cambridge st from home on william st & return

all contained in matrixial space of breath blood & soundings

borderlinking: placement of medwyn's doll in tree fork 

as she journeys with nané's doll

also set by water--barbara's back 

                                                               we matryoshka dolls nesting inside one another

somanaut.pdf somanaut.pdf
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to read more see pdf


Nané's Journey 

I have thoughts arising about my collage making idea for my now finished dissertation and oral exam - 2D artifacts, honouring my completion. I realize it’s the ritual “feasting” of these trances, the artwork is in this process (beyond this writing), generating a Dakini mandala of the colours blue, yellow, red, green, and white with separate pages.

Trance begins. I fly over to Belfast. Then a green hill or the Mountains of Mourn appear and I land there. I see the goddess Brigid. This is her “time,” as Imbolc is her festival, so I want to be with her today. Knowing it’s close to my birthday, she is my “saint,” a patron goddess. She is in a long, green robe, swathed in velvet with power emanating all around and from her being. She holds a tall staff in her hand. I am now wearing a long purple dress and cape. We walk together up the hill to the bonfire lit in her honour. She is the goddess of this land, of fires and creativity, growth and birth, the new life of the year. This is a season of “birth” as we watch the first spring days arrive, and the birth of the new lambs. We walk into a small cottage. A table is laid with the things for my collage. First she says, “you MUST trust yourself.” Trust it—follow your heart. She says she knows this sounds trite but its true and that you know how to do this. “The purpose of all this is to be an inspiration for others, allow that and the falling away of ego as you already have and are. It is a good time to travel to Ireland. Bring your Grandma’s key with you. You will find something you have been missing.”

“Make the collage.”  Trance ends.


Nané Jordan (2012). Post-PhD collage. Images of my family, dissertation study participants, text from dissertation, found magazine images and art.



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