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Ancestral Journey 2 - Winter Solstice Sun in Capricorn Wednesday December 21, 2011

Barbara's Journey                                                                                                          

5 minute experimental video
camera, editing, production
sound & sound editing by Barbara Bickel


Ingrid's Journey

Medwyn's Journey

The raw beauty of midwinter morning sun rising over Georgia Strait on Vancouver Island held me in cold embraceas I watched the long darkness of winter's night crack gently open to reveal the new sun's rising.

5 minute video camera, editing, sound and production by Medwyn - my first video a steep learning curve better quality to come!!

 Nané's Journey

Trance begins - I am bundled up in blankets at the Land. My childhood haunt of wild farm lands. I always felt safe, free, full of life delight here as a child, to roam and play within nature—caterpillars, plants, spirits and all. My living laboratory, I made healing potions and talked to freely to myself and other more-then-human beings. Free from the city, free from a harmful family member, held by the plants and trees. In this trance visit—I am here in the dark of winter as an adult now, alone, an unusual thing as childhood visits were filled with people and friends. I am bundled in blankets, keeping warm as a fire burns and glows in the stove beside me. It’s a time of restoration, to feel safe again, so I can go on. But for now, I must rest. I hear a voice that says, “The thesis will do its own work now, no need to worry it.”

I go down to the creek, down the hill from the house. A pointy-eared, hairy fairy being sits with me on the hill facing the creek (he is like those that were always with me in childhood, playing with me and through me joyously, nature spirits I now suppose) He says, “remember your place(s).” The places I love, that give me space, rest, time—they give TIME.

“Look at the beautiful creek.”

“Look at creativity and art.”

I feel myself to be a chrysalis emerging. I am cracking open, out of myself.

Trance ends.




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